Frequently Asked Membership Questions


• What type of memberships do you offer?
We have two types: Annual and a Lifetime memberships. Each type has joint membership option. Discounts are also provided for members over 65

• What is a joint membership?
Joint memberships are available for two members residing at the same residence. 

• If I choose a joint membership, do we both have to be UTEP Graduates?
No, you do not. We welcome all alumni and UTEP friends, regardless of where they attended school. 

• What are your membership prices? 

Annual Membership 

Single $40Joint $60 


Over 65 
Single $32/Joint $48


Lifetime Membership* 

Single $500Joint $750 


Over 65 
Single $300/Joint $550


*Lifetime memberships may be paid in monthly installments with automatic credit card payments.


• What type of perks do you offer?
As an added bonus, we offer campus, local and national membership perks. For a complete list, click here.
The most valuable benefit is to keep you connected to your alma mater and fellow UTEP alumni throughout the world! 
• Does your membership provide access to the Student Recreation Center?
UTEP Alumni Association active members who are UTEP graduates are eligible to purchase a membership to the UTEP Student Recreation Center (SRC) by presenting their Alumni Membership card at the SRC Membership office. Rates are also available for Alumni Member spouse and children under 17 years of age (pool only for children). For more information please contact the SRC at click here. 

• Why were the memberships restructured?
To better serve you! We recognized that too many options made it confusing for potential members. Our goal was to streamline the options to make it easier for you to become a member. Joining the UTEP Alumni Association is now easier than ever! click here.


• Would I have the same type of perks with the new membership structuring?
Yes! For a complete list, click here.


• I am a Centennial Lifetime Member, after this membership restructuring, am I no longer a Centennial Lifetime Member?Of course you are! We will no longer offer this type of membership, which was offered to commemorate UTEP’s 100th Anniversarybut you will always be part of this special group of members.


• When I first joined, the prices were different, will you honor the original price I was offered? 

If you are currently on an installment plan and your membership has not lapsed or dropped, we will honor the price when you first purchased your membership. However, if you need to make additional changes (i.e., adding a second person) to the existing plan, the new prices will be applied. These will be effective 11/19/2018. 


 A while ago, I joined the UTEP Alumni Association with a Single Lifetime Membership, but nowI want to add a second member, what do I do?

That is great news! Please call us at 915-747-8600 and we will add a second person to your membership. A new balance will be reflected on your membership account and should be paid-off when adding a second member.


• I lost my membership card. Can I solicit a new one? 
Absolutely. Please email us at or call us at 915-747-8600 and ask for Valerie Herrera.

• My annual membership already expired, where and how can I renew it?
You may renew your annual membership via on-line click here by creating an account in our website: so that every time it expires you can go back to renew it. If you do not wish to create account, you can still renew it using the same link but will have to enter all the requested information every time you renew your membership. Therefore, it is easier to create an account to have easy access every time you renew. 

If you encounter any issues or have more questions, please email us at or call us at 915-747-8600 and ask for Valerie Herrera.


• How can I find out if my membership is still active?
Check the expiration date on your membership card. If you misplaced your card, Please email us at or call us at 915-747-8600 and ask for Valerie Herrera so that she can check your membership status.


• I have not received my membership card. What do I do?   
If more than 7 to 10 business days have passed since you purchased your membership and you have yet to receive it, please email us at or call us at 915-747-8600 and ask for Valerie Herrera.

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