Frequently Asked Membership Questions


• Why did the UTEP Alumni Association decide to provide a free membership to all alumni?

In the past 30 years alone, UTEP has awarded degrees to more than 90,000 graduates. Our Miner Alumni Nation is growing, and it is growing fast. Today, there are more than 100,000 living UTEP alumni, and with so many Miners making their mark around the world, it is more important than ever to remain connected to each other and to UTEP. To build an even stronger, more collaborative Miner Nation, the UTEP Alumni Association’s board of directors felt that an all-inclusive, dues-free membership model would be the first step in bringing Miner alumni together in support of each other and of their alma mater.


• What kinds of perks come with a free PICKS UP Membership?

Aside from being part of the greatest network of alumni in the world, Picks Up Members will also receive:

• Access to MinerLink, UTEP’s online alumni portal and directory
• Invitations to Alumni events

• Voting access on the Alumni Association slate

• Invitations to the Association’s Annual Meeting

• Entertainment and retail discounts through Access Development – Nationwide

• Entertainment and retail discounts through Tickets at Work – Nationwide

• Alumni discounts on Jostens Official Class Ring

• Alumni discount on Enterprise Rent-a-Car

• Alumni discount on Liberty Mutual Insurance

• Access to discounted and pre-sale ticket sales from the UTEP Office of Special Events

• 10% discount on selected UTEP Professional and Public Programs

• Eligibility to purchase memberships to the UTEP Student Recreation Center

• Eligibility to purchase discounted tickets for the UTEP Wise Family Theatre

• Limited access to University Career Center services

• Limited access to UTEP Library services

Note: Member perks are subject to change at any time.


• What if I previously purchased a LIFETIME Membership?

Your Lifetime Membership will remain intact, and as a contributing member to the Association, you have access to additional perks which include all those in the free PICKS UP Membership, plus:

• 20% discount off UTEP merchandise from the UTEP Bookstore

• Invitations to Lifetime Members-only events

• Official Lifetime Member card

• Discounted tickets for the UTEP Dinner Theatre (preferred seating)

• First access to discounted and pre-sale ticket sales from the UTEP Office of Special Events

• First access to discounted tickets from UTEP Wise Family Theater 

• First access to attend the Association’s Annual Meeting

Note: Member perks are subject to change at any time.


• Now that a free membership is available, will I get a refund for my LIFETIME Membership?

No. The bulk of the lifetime membership fees cover costs associated with the services and programs offered by the UTEP Alumni Association. Such programming provides successful avenues for current students and alumni to engage. The new, free membership option we are offering does not include ALL the perks offered to lifetime members. We are grateful to our dedicated Lifetime Members for their generous, continuous support of the Alumni Association and UTEP.


• How do I activate my free PICKS UP Membership?

You can activate your PICKS UP Membership through our MinerLink alumni portal.
           1. Simply log in or sign up at

2. New users will need to create a user profile and click on “Join Now” to activate their free Picks Up Membership.

3. If you’re already a MinerLink user, log in and navigate to the Membership tab. Select the free Picks Up Membership and then follow the prompts to activate your membership.


• If I choose the PICKS UP Membership, but later decide I want to upgrade to the Lifetime Membership, how can I do that?

1. Simply log into your alumni account at 

2. Go to the Membership Tab, select LIFETIME Membership, and click on the button that reads, “I want to take my membership to the next level!” You will be redirected to the Alumni Association website where you can select your preferred LIFETIME Membership option.

3. The cost of the LIFETIME Membership ranges from $500 for a single membership to $750 for a joint membership and can be paid in monthly installments starting at $25.


• I know the Alumni Association raises money to support UTEP, how can I help if I don’t contribute dues?

Membership dues are just one of the many ways that UTEP Alumni Association funds events for members and scholarships for students. Now that your membership is free, we hope you’ll consider supporting UTEP in ways that work for you. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

• If you’re an alum AND a business owner, we always have partnership opportunities. When you join us as a sponsor, you’re not only helping us, we’re helping you with a little free advertising. Some of those events include our Top Ten Seniors Awards Banquet, Distinguished Alumni Dinner, Pickaxe Tailgate Parties, Annual Alumni PICK-NIC, and many others. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, send an email to


• If you like to give back to your community, consider giving to student scholarships and programming at UTEP. From smaller contributions to our crowdfunding platform (, to gifts in support of established scholarships (like the Alumni Association of UTEP Endowed Scholarship Fund) to larger gifts to create an endowment of your own, any amount you choose to contribute makes a difference in the lives of students at your alma mater. You can learn more and/or make a gift at

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