1. To support the activities of The University of Texas at El Paso toward the realization of its mission and educational program in every manner possible;
  2. To establish and promote goals and projects which tend to strengthen the ties between the members, the Network, the Association, and The University;
  3. To unite (for social purposes) those persons who are interested in the future progress of the University; 
  4. To advance the interests of the alumni of the Mid-Atlantic Region Network and the support for professional education;
  5. To pledge a personal commitment to The University, the Association, and the Network by supporting fundraising activities and encouraging others in that effort.

Chair – Richard Ruiz, ’86
Co-Chair – Arturo Ortiz, ’17 
Secretary – Ana Hernandez, ’17
Treasurer – Manuel Ortiz, Jr., ’18
Communications Officer – Norma Granados, ’19
Historian – Marissa Romero, ’19

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