UTEP Parking and Transportation Office. Presenters were Assistant Directors, Nayeli Acevedo and Betzania Zapata.

University Career Center and The Office of Financial Aid. Presenters were Claudia P. Dominguez, Assistant Director of the Career Center and Marissa R. McLean, Student Financial Services Advisor: Student Employment"

Jacob Galindo, Instruction and Assessment Librarian, University Library: "Library Resources"

Craig Thompson, Associate Director, Career Center: “Career Readiness”

Yolanda Varela, Student Health and Wellness Administrative Assistant and Daniel Garcia, Student Recreation Center Coordinator.

Dr. Lou Herman, Writing Center Director and Vanessa L. Martinez, Miner Learning Center Director

"Virtual Tutoring Resources"

Dr. Ann Horak, Director of Religious Studies

“Staying Healthy: Actions and Ideas from the World’s Religions”


• Dr. Paul Carrola, Associate Professor Mental Health Counseling Program

“Staying Healthy: Managing Stress When You’re Parenting, Teaching, and Working”


• Francisco Poblano, Executive Director
"Technology Support for Students"


• Sarah Sanchez, Crime Prevention Specialist, and Juan Rabelo, Crime Prevention Coordinator.

"Campus Safety"


• Maryanne Luther, Assistant Director, and Elena Barrios, International Enrollment Liaison

"The International Student"

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