"Alumni Association President's Statement on Race Relations"
(originally published June 4, 2020).

Dear UTEP Alumni, 


Over the last week, our country has been presented with many challenges: the injustice of George Floyd’s death at the hands of those sworn to protect him, the various forms of protest (violent and non-violent) as a result, and the on-going coronavirus pandemic. Events such as these have both a historic and a traumatic impact on society.


As an organization, the UTEP Alumni Association cannot remain silent. Silence regarding race and oppression breeds inaction, indifference and ignorance. 


The UTEP Alumni Association echoes the sentiments of UTEP President Heather Wilson. We need to continue the University’s legacy of breaking down barriers. (find the link below).


UTEP has been a higher education leader in inclusivity and diversity at both the state and national levels throughout its more than 100-year history. And like the city it serves, UTEP is proud to be among the first to integrate classrooms in the Southwest.


The UTEP Alumni Association stands for and respects the rights of all, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


Our more than 120,000-member Miner family comes from all races, ethnicities, and genders. We are at our best when we are united and inclusive. We are stronger together.


The UTEP Alumni Association will continue to work tirelessly to end racism in all forms and make equality a reality and not a dream.


Students Today. Alumni Tomorrow. Miners Forever.


Sincerely yours,


Laura Biggs


UTEP Alumni Association

Statement from UTEP President Heather Wilson


George Floyd Promise Fund