Now accepting nominations for 2023

The true measure of a university’s greatness can be found in the achievements of its proud alumni. Many graduates of The University of Texas at El Paso have made exceptional contributions to their profession, their community and/or their alma mater. Each year, the UTEP Alumni Association is proud to honor such outstanding alumni through the Distinguished Alumni and Gold Nugget Awards. If you would like to nominate yourself – or someone else – please complete and submit a nomination form by Friday, March 10, 2023.

All submissions will be considered for both the Distinguished Alumni and the Gold Nugget awards.

The Distinguished Alumni Award

Is considered the highest honor that can be bestowed upon exceptional graduates of UTEP, showcasing individuals who have demonstrated significant achievements in their chosen professions; earned high respect among their colleagues; have had a national or international impact; and have consistently remained engaged with UTEP.

The Gold Nugget Award

The Gold Nugget Award is given to UTEP alum by their respective college. The criteria of selection is based on the alum’s success in their field of expertise, their commitment to their particular college, and their continued engagement with the university.

*Previous Gold Nugget recipients may be eligible to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Award Criteria

Each alum will be evaluated on a combination of their:

• Accomplishments in their business, profession, life work, or other worthy endeavors;

• Integrity, stature, and ability to inspire pride in the UTEP faculty, staff, students and alumni;

• Contributions at a local, national and/or international level;

• Continuing interest, loyalty and pride in UTEP;

• Uncommon generosity of time and/or financial support to UTEP;

• Ability through deed and actions to reflect and recognize the importance of his/her UTEP education


A nominee is ineligible if he/she:

• Is a full-time employee of UTEP
• Is a candidate for any public office or currently serving in an elected position

To submit a compelling nomination, please ensure the following is included in your nomination:

Make sure you have information about the nominee, to include full name, phone number, email address, year of graduation, degree and major. Additional personal information will be helpful as well, such as current employer, position, etc.

Be prepared to write a powerful narrative detailing some of the alum’s most impactful accomplishments. Explain why they are deserving of an alumni award and how they are role models to current and future Miners.

To help make an informed decision, we welcome and encourage supplemental information such as: resume, biography, newspaper or magazine articles, award lists, and letters of recommendation. Please have these documents ready as you will be able to upload the documents on the online nomination portal.

Provide examples of how UTEP contributed to the alum’s success – and how the alum has remained engaged with UTEP since graduating.

Deadline to submit a nomination was March 10, 2023.
For questions, please call Judith Heredia-Perry at (915) 747-6361 or via e-mail at