Official Miner Contacts

Are you new to your city? Would you like to find a fellow UTEP Alum to ask a few questions, show you around or provide a few resources? Update your online alumni profile here and look below for a growing list of contacts.

Detroit, Michigan
Juan Carlos Munoz

New England
Warren Haston

New York, New York
Jonathan Tavarez

Orange County, California
Hap Lamberth

Raleigh, North Carolina
Eric Brashwitz

Seattle, WA

Luciano Rueda

Becky Birch

Southern Maryland

Richard Ruiz


Tampa Bay, FL

Dr. Sandra Braham

Tucson, AZ

Jose Angel Diaz


Become a Miner Contact

Eligibility for Miner Contacts - The Alumni and Donor Engagement Division at the Office of Insitutional Advancement oversees all Miner Contacts as outlined below. 

Qualifications for Miner Contact

    •    All UTEP Alumni are eligible to be a Miner Contact as selected by the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff to represent their respective city/region.
    •    Eligible Miner Contacts are listed as representatives of The University of Texas at El Paso.
    •    Any Miner Contact that does not abide by the terms and conditions shall be removed from our official UTEP Alumni Website.
    •    Miner Contacts may transfer his/her city/region to another city/region if there is currently no contact in place or consider being listed as a secondary contact.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Miner Contact

    •    Miner Contacts must agree to have their contact information on our official UTEP Alumni Website.
    •    Miner Contacts must include the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff with all communications with alumni.
    •    Miner Contacts must be accessible to alumni. Miner Contact may determine the best vehicle to communicate with alumni, albeit via email or phone number or both; they must make information provided to them available to the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff; share information regarding UTEP that we provide; be willing to hear concerns and share them with our Alumni and Donor Engagement staff, receive information and suggestions, and communicate these effectively to the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff; and keep alumni informed of the events and activities.

Terms of Office
The term of service for a Miner Contact will commence start upon approval from the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff until determined by one or both parties.
If a Miner Contact is unable to continue to serve as a Miner Contact please contact the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff to be removed from the official website.


A vacancy that occurs shall be filled by the Alumni and Donor Engagement staff from a representative in the particular city or region.


Want more information?

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