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The Front Porch of the Institution: One of the first things Christian Diaz '20 did after graduating and obtaining his first full-time job was purchase UTEP season tickets for football and more here.

Let’s Continue to Raise Our Picks!: Anna Carrillo ’19, ’21 discusses the importance of donations in creating opportunities for UTEP students and fostering community here.

Growing up at UTEP: Anna Carrillo ’19, ’21 recalls the memorable moments she shared with her parents throughout her student more here.

Once a Miner, Always a Miner: Alexandra Sanchez '17 remembers how cool it was to impact UTEP and listen to alumni stories during her time as a student caller for the UTEP Phone here.

Family Foundations and Academic Triumphs: UTEP alumnus Christian Diaz '20 reflects on the profound impact his supportive family has had throughout his academic more here.

Interview with a Miner: Crystal Saavedra BBA '14, MBA '21, Associate Director of Advance for Vice President Kamala Harris

Anna Carrillo '19, '21 interviews fellow Miner Crystal Saavedra '14, '21, who reflects on her time at UTEP and the impact it had on her the interview here.


Building Trust, Being Adaptable, and Other Lessons Learned: UTEP alumnus Christian Diaz ’20 shares what he's learned about building trust and being adaptable in a professional here.

Alexandra Sanchez ’17 interviews fellow Miner Rigo Gonzalez '17 about his time at UTEP and career advice for other young the interview here.


Alexandra Sanchez ’17, reflects on a life-changing moment she had has a UTEP student her senior here.


Celebrating UTEP's 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship: A Timeless Story of Inspiration

Celebrating UTEP's 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship: A Timeless Story of Inspiration: Anna Carrillo ’19, ’21, recalls the memorable task of placing nearly 12,000 blue and orange shirts on every seat in the sold-out Don Haskins Center…


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