1.  To support the activities of The University of Texas at El Paso toward the realization of its mission, as well as financial and educational program in every manner possible;

2.  To establish and promote goals and projects which tend to strengthen the ties between the members, the PRIDE network, the Association, and the University;

3.  To unite those persons who are interested in the future progress of the University;

4.  To advance the interests of the alumni of the PRIDE Network and the support for professional development;

5.  To pledge a personal commitment to The University, the Association, and the PRIDE Network by supporting fundraising activities and encouraging others in that effort.

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Representative Chair - Daisy Marquez, '20

Financial Chair - Rocio Fierro-Perez, '19

Communications Chair - Eder Efren Perez, '19

Leadership Member - Nico Silva, '15, '19

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