Welcome Miners in the Rockies! We are thrilled to announce the creation of the UTEP Rocky Mountain Alumni Network (URMAN)!

During the past couple of years, attendance to our Annual Alumni PICK-NIC has increased and also our interest in more events. We felt it was time for this region to have its own official network and UTEP agreed with us. Now, our alumni network can officially represent our alma matter in networking, community outreach, professional development and sporting events.

We also invite you to like our Facebook page to keep up with updates and event information at: facebook.com/UTEPRockyMountain

Thank you and welcome to our network!

Go Miners!

-RMAN Leadership

Barbara Aguilera - President/Chair  
Jose Luis Mena - Treasurer and Events Chair Person 
Wendy Soto - Secretary
Óscar Contreras - Social Media Manager

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Rocky Mountain Network Request For Info Form

If you are interested in joining the Rocky Mountain Alumni Network or would like us to contact you to provide more information, please provide the following information.


Want more information?
Contact the Office of Alumni Relations
Chapter and Network Development Coordinator
Jessica Castro 
(915) 747-6475 | jlcastro@utep.edu
1(866) GO-MINERS