Established Year: 2010


  1. Connect the different generations of CoBA alumni to one another across the globe to build meaningful relationships and continue to educate, mentor, and develop its alumni through workshops, mentorships, social outreach, and social events.  

  2. To establish and promote goals and projects which tend to strengthen the ties between the Network members and their community, the Association, and the University;

  3. To unite (for University pride purposes) those individuals who are interested in the future progress of the University while advancing the interest of the members of the Hunt College of Business Administration Alumni Network and the support for professional development;

  4. To pledge a personal commitment to The University, the Association, and the Network by supporting a culture of philanthropy and encouraging others in that effort.

  5. To take advantage of the network´s collective assets to realize community outreach and develop strong ties with the business, government, and academic communities.

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Jorge Banos-Gomar, ’13 - President

Yoshika Amamori, ’15 - Vice President 

Alex Munoz-Mendieta, ’11 - Business Development & Community Outreach

Jorge Guerra,’ 10 - Treasurer

Claudia De la Rosa, ’14 - Fundraising & Partnerships

Crystal Wong, ’18 - Secretary

Melissa Harcrow, ’20, ’22 - Social Media Director

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