Welcome to Miner Commencement Corner! Commencement is that special rite of passage when you cross over from student to an alumnus. It is the beginning of your professional journey. Graduation is about you!


The Office of Alumni Relations, UTEP Alumni Association, UTEP Campus Store and Jostens have teamed up to provide all graduates a one-stop shop for all your graduation needs. Each semester, GRADFAIR is hosted at the Peter & Margaret de Wetter Center (Alumni Lodge) and graduating students are given the opportunity to purchase their regalia in one GradPack.


It’s Your Journey. Your Story. Own It.



Mortarboard Cap: Originally, the mortar board, or flat square cap, was a hat which, when removed, provided its wearer with a flat writing surface. Writing instruments and paper were kept in the long sleeves of the gown.

Tassel: The color symbolizes the area of study and year academic achievement was accomplished

Gown: Traditionally, the graduation gown is black for all graduates, with distinguished styles to identify the level of academic achievement

Class Medallion: The Class Medallion unifies graduates of the spring, summer, and winter graduation classes into a single class determined by the graduation year. 

Hood - Master’s & PhD candidates only: The hood is a special part of the academic regalia that denotes scholarly achievements beyond a bachelor’s degree. The hoods are lined with the official colors of the university or college conferring the degree, usually with one color forming a chevron pattern over the other.

Alumni Gear

•  One-year membership to the UTEP Alumni Association
•  Alumni T-Shirt
•  Alumni Coffee Mug
•  20% off Diploma Frames


As you make the transition from student to alumni, you are forever a UTEP Miner, and being a card-carrying member of the UTEP Alumni Association keeps you connected to an extensive network of alumni globally; provides campus, local and nationwide discount perks; and access to campus services, such as the Career Center and Library.



1. Is GRADFAIR the only time I can buy my GradPack?

No, GradPacks may be purchased after GRADFAIR at the UTEP Bookstore.  

2.    Who is the licensed official vendor of regalia?
Jostens is the official vendor of UTEP regalia

3. Can I order my regalia online directly from Jostens?

Yes, but it is not recommended because the medallion is NOT included in the online order, and online orders cannot be returned to the bookstore. Visit the UTEP Bookstore before ordering online. There may be a price variance.

4. Can I order my regalia from another vendor?

Yes, but it is NOT recommended due to the fact that the shades of black, material texture, cut, and stitching on the gown are distinctively different. Hood and Tassel colors are also noticeably different shades and material texture. These items will not be accepted by the bookstore as returns.

5. Can I purchase the medallion separately?

No. The medallion is sold in a pack.


6. Can I order my GradPack over the phone?
Yes. Call the UTEP Campus Store at 915-747-5594. 


For more information on commencement times, directions, do’s and don’ts please click below.


GRADFAIR Fall 2018

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